Quality Moving Procedures


A quality move begins with knowing who is handling every detail of it for you.  While many companies will tell you they can operate in all 50 states and around the world, not all of them actually act as the carrier.  They may contract your belongings out to another carrier and act only as the agent.  This makes it impossible for you to know who is handling your move and what kind of procedures they follow.

With federal authority to conduct business and travel in all 50 states, Coastal takes care of your move from start to finish.  That means Coastal is with you every step of the way - and that means more peace of mind than you'll get from anyone else, thanks to adherence to top-quality procedures for every aspect of your move, including:

1.  Transportation of your personal effects is a specialized service requiring unique equipment operated by trained personnel. 

2.  Customer door jam protectors and floor runners protect your old and new residences.

3.  Customer furniture pads protect all finished surfaces on your furniture, while clear plastic wrap sanitizes and protects all fabric finished.

4.  A qualified moving crew continuously trained in using these tools properly to safely transport your belongings.

5.  On-time delivery and pickup

6.  Easy communication to keep track of your shipment once it's on the road.